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A Strategy for Meeting Our Democracy's Gravest Challenges

Members of Congress who offered emotionally-charged slogans as remedies for our country’s ills — and demonized ideological opponents — have won reelection 90+ percent of the time in the past 25 years, while lawmakers offering realistic solutions have nearly all lost their seats.

Our nation’s troubles have therefore continued to grow, fueling voters’ rising anger at government, our economic system and one another.

And faith in our democracy has crumbled: 87 percent of voters surveyed by the Pew Research Center worried that our political leaders lack the capacity to solve our major problems.

These worries are self-fulfilling: If the vast majority of us see our elected officials as unable to lead us, they cannot.

How then do we prevent our country from succumbing to our long-term troubles: most families’ earnings stagnating or sinking, soaring national debt, climate change, and voters’ rising contempt for those with different views?

The Center for Collaborative Democracy has worked with leading experts on negotiation, elections, public policy and societal trends to develop practical steps for unifying the diverse segments of our society around common-sense solutions for our critical problems.

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